Do they make such a thing?

  1. OK I didn't know where to put this, but I figured of all the people who could help me, you all could! OK so it's my best friend's birthday and exactly a month. Last winter he was telling me how he had to wear his mother's driving gloves but he didn't care because his hands were too cold.
    OK well that's what I want to get him this year, a nice pair of driving gloves! He has a chocolate brown carhartt (spelling?) jacket and I know they make gloves too but I CAN NOT find a pair of CHOCOLATE brown ALL. Do they even make them? I've seen them in tan and in black but not the color I'm looking for and I will not settle for any other color! HAHA they HAVE to match his jacket!
    If not carhartt brand...what are some other good brands?
    CAN YOU PLEASE HELP! :graucho: I'd really appreciate it!

    If not these gloves, what else could I get him? Of course that's impossible since ya don't know him but any ideals? :yes:
  2. Gosh, I don't know, but I usually have good luck with nice things at NMs and Saks. Unfortunately, it might be a little early to find driving gloves. They may not stock too many these items before the holiday season.
  3. what kind of gloves does he exactly want? driving gloves are good for just that, driving. they dont offer much warmth though in really cold temeratures. if you get him gloves that will keep him warm all the time, check the outside material as they probably wont be good for driving (steering wheel will slip, etc etc.)...

    these are pretty good casual driving gloves... my friend has a pair, and they offer pretty good grip (short of full blown racing gloves :smile:) but the warmth is mediocre.... i'd say 5.5/10... they also come in a full spectrum of colors.

    these look alright, depends on your mans sense of style. cashmere lining, gonna be really warm, and since they are leather, wind protection will be pretty good.

    if your man is scared of frostbite (lol), the best be would be to get him a pair of snow boarding gloves! hahaha i have like 5 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of racing gloves.... any more questions, just pm or post here.
  4. When you say driving gloves, do you mean gloves with perforations, knuckle cut outs, and unlined? I doubt Carhartt makes them, as they really aren't work wear. Carhartt probably makes driver gloves, which is another word for work gloves. As a driving glove aficiando and as an owner of Carhartts (not the most fashionable lol) I don't really see them going together. Maybe a pair of plain deerksin gloves for the Carhartt? Brown wouldn't be that hard to fine in "normal" men's gloves.