do they make paige premium in a 34?

  1. i read in a mag somewhere that they make paiges in a 34, but i can't find them anywhere online or in the stores i've looked at. i saw a 33 once, but nothing else. has anyone seen them around? i'll probably be smaller by the time it gets cold enough for jeans here, but if i'm not, i'd like to have the option! thanks girls :smile:
  2. omg i looooooooove you. looking at that size chart, i might need a 33 (maybe even a 32, egads!) so i'll have to go try them on, but now i have hope! i looked at like every jeans boutique on the internet and didn't try Nordstrom, lol.
  3. I am not positive - but I think that Paige's own website sells some styles in size 33/34. Try using the "fit finder" denim guide on the homepage.

    I order from the official Paige premium site all the time..they have great customer service, and a nice selection online. Easy returns/exchanges too.

    Good luck. Paige jeans are fantastic, in fact, I just received my Hidden Hills and Hollywood Hills yesterday!