Do they make fake Kooba Jillians?

  1. HI Everyone! I'm new but have really enjoyed reading your stuff. I have a question - Would I be safe buying a kooba jillian on eBay? Have they been replicated, yet?? Thanks!!:nogood:
  2. Not that I have seen. I think they are a pretty safe bet. You will love this bag if you get it. Good luck!
  3. I have been looking at them on eBay and there is one that is shaped slightly different than the others. I am sooo new to Kooba, I'm off to study the reference threads!
  4. I just checked that out. Yes, it does look weirdly shaped. I do know they put out 2 versions of this bag along with it's Big Sister the Ada. One had single rows of studs along the botom and the other had double rows. Also the Stud count was different on the 2 versions of the Ada. Maybe this is the other version. Or maybe it's just how it's not stuffed and the pockets aren't puffing out. It certainly looks real though. I'd better go get the auction so you all can see what we mean...

    He also listed a Brynne and it looks real. He lives in New York so I bet these bags are sample sale bags. You can find weird stuff at these sales and they are still real. Maybe the Jillian is a Prototype bag. The Gretchen Bessie had gotten for me had a sewn in tag that said "Sample Bag. Not for Resale. Made in Korea". Korea??? But it was no doubt real.
  5. Yep, that's the one! After looking at it a little more, I realized that it looked odd because the side pockets were not puffed out. It just isn't a very good photo at all!
  6. That's a real bag.