Do they make cute cases for PDAs?

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  1. I'm upgrading to a Palm T/X from my old m505 and looking into accessories. Where can I find some nice, cute leather cases? Do any designers make PDA cases? Or do you think it'll be best to just use a metal case from Palm?
  2. I bought a PALM TX a few months ago and love it, I searched and searched for a cute case...the closest I've found is the Piel Frama leather cases. They also make Vaja cases depending on how much you want to spend. These are just solid colored leather cases, but they are much thinner and it is easier to access the stylus with the leather cases instead of the bulky metal case. The metal case is good for traveling though. Hope this helps. Let me know if you find anything really cool, I might get one, too!
  3. There used to be a Louis Vuitton Vernis one, but I don't know if they still make it. "Etui Palm"
  4. I got a PDA case at the coach outlet for $39. They had black, tan, pink and green. I actually needed a blackberry case.

    Check out Sena Cases. I got my blackberry case from them. It's not designer, but it's nice leather and is functional for me.
  5. I have a Piel Frama case for my PDA and I LOVE it. It's perfect. I got it from for $45: