Do they know ANYTHING!?!? Seriously... **long**

  1. So... I stopped by the boutique on my way home (okay, so it's not EXACTLY on my way... it's actually really out of the way... but that's not the point... lol...) Anyway, I stopped to inquire about the cotton sig carly demi, and really all of the cotton sig carlys, and this is how it went down:

    Me (to first SA): I was wondering if you could give me the dimensions of the cotton signature carlys that are coming out in may...
    1st SA: Oh, you mean these right here *as she points to the canvas carlys on display*
    Me: No. Not the canvas ones. The cotton ones with the big C's on them in chocolate. They're not coming out until may.
    1st SA: Oh, let me check. *she walks over to the computer to check*
    I guess she couldn't find anything on it, so she tells another SA to look for them... as she (2nd SA) is trying to look for them on (which I KNEW she wasn't going to find them...), a third SA comes up to me and says:
    3rd SA: Have you seen the carly's that we have right now *as she points to the sig carly demis on display*
    Me: Yes. But I want information on the other ones.
    3rd SA: What other ones?
    Me: *trying not to get frustrated* The cotton ones. With the signature print. The big C's.
    3rd SA: Are they white and black?
    Me: No. They're off-white and chocolate brown, and they also come in green and denim.
    3rd SA: Oh. They're coming out with newer ones other than the canvas? Where did you see that? Are you sure?
    Me: Yes. I'm sure. They're in the Macy*s catalog, and a friend of mine (being Jane from tPF... lol...) has one.
    3rd SA: Oh. Well sometimes Macy*s advertises stuff that we won't know about until like a week before it comes out.
    Me: Oh. Ok. But my friend has one.
    She just shrugs her shoulders walks away. By this time, the first SA was already helping somebody else, so the second one comes over to me and says:
    2nd SA: You're looking for the ones that are made in cotton, right? The ones that don't come out til may?
    Me: Yes.
    2nd SA: Yeah. I couldn't find them online (duh!), but they will be the same size as the carly's out right now.
    Me: *totally know she doesn't know what she's talking about... thus lying* Oh really? Are you sure?
    2nd SA: Yes. I'm positive.
    Me: Great! Can I order one? *but I didn't really plan on ordering one just yet*
    2nd SA: No. Like I said, they won't come out until may so you'll have to wait til then.
    Me: Well, ok. I'll just call the 800 number. Thank you!
    2nd SA: No. Even if you call the 800 number, they're going to tell you that you can't order either because they are not going to be made until may. *while I'm thinking - No, girlie. They're being released in may, not made in may - *
    Me: Oh. Ok. Thanks. *very frustrated with their lack of knowledge*

    OK... one SA not knowing... fine. Two? I suppose. BUT ALL THREE!? Jeez... anyway, just thought I'd share my experience and vent my frustration! I suppose I will be making a call to the 800 number!

    Have a good weekend!!!


    P.S. Just to cover my butt, I know that there are VERY knowledgable SA's that work at Coach. Just not the ones here... lol...
  2. The three do not communicate., 1-888, and the store knowith not what the other knowith. Sad but true.
  3. Then my Chocolate Carly that was waiting for me when I got home from work today must be a figment of my imagination. (I got the medium-and its to die!)
  4. ugh, same thing happend to me. I went in to ask if the punch sig stripe tote came in the larger sizes, not just the small tote. I 99% knew the answer was no, but asked anyway. The stupid SA goes "of course, come over here, we'll order it for you!", and I said are you sure. She swore up and down it did, goes over to the computer and starts typing away. Then another SA comes up to see what's going on and I asked her, she said "not just that size tote, the demi, and the accessories" (the correct answer). I was highly annoyed, so I walked away with the new SA and left the original one standing there dumbfounded. grrrrr. I spent about $700 that day too with the second SA
  5. Sighs. The reason I hate my local Coach.
  6. Karling - Must be. It's not real... because they aren't going to be MADE until may... jeez...

    Court811 - Isn't it just SO frustrating!? Ugh...
  7. Lol... ditto!
  8. ^^ Ditto. Like when the SA I talked to during the last PCE had never heard of the legacy stripe ponytail scarf and acted like I was the crazy one.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if they are told to play dumb! (No offense to our SA's on the board)...
  10. Honestly, give them the benefit of the doubt! Some SA's (actually, most) only work one or two times a week and don't really know anything about too much new stuff.

    I have to say, it is really frustating to not only you but it is for the SA who doesn't have the knowledge of the new product. She probably hasn't seen the new pages or the new video, it's not easy having a customer come in having more knowledge than you. At my store over half of the employees find out about all the new stuff from me since when I have downtime, I find the new stuff.

    Also, The cotton signature carlys ARE the same size as the new ones, she wasn't lying about that.
  11. KARLING!!!

    I am wanting the medium! PLEASSSSSE post pics when you can!!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  12. I'm with Sprinkles, I only work like 4 hours a week there :p It can be VERY difficult when there are hundreds of products in store and we get new things every couple of weeks. Coach is not like Louis Vuitton or Chloe where there are signature collections that are around for years. Sometimes a product will be in store for months while another product will be in stores for 4 weeks and then shipped off to factory stores. And we are not affilated with Macys so when they buy in the wholesale division they can get it earlier, we sometimes wont be able to order the product until later. i.e. The patent leather Ergo
    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents
  13. I'm not trying to challenge you cuz God knows you know WAY MORE about Coach than I do... I'm just wondering then why Jane's cotton chocolate large carly is smaller than the carly that's out right now. And, when somebody else called to order one (I can't remember who... sorry!), they told her that the dimensions of the medium cotton sig were smaller than the dimensions of the ones out right now...
  14. I have experienced the same thing, but now I just ask to see the red binder :smile:

    I was to see the medium cotton Carly too! Just out of curiosity.
  15. Woah, have I missed the pictures?! :smile: