Do they heat stamp a bag that already has been bought?

  1. I had my bag for a month now. If I take it back would they stamp it for me? What if I buy another bag, would that make them more willing to stamp my old one? :biggrin:
  2. As far as I know, LV will stamp any authentic LV bag.
  3. Do they do the stamping at any store or botique?
  4. I think at a store, but not the boutique.
  5. doesn't matter where you bring it in, global boutique or not. they'll send your bag to the nearest global boutique if they're not one, and have it done.

    and lv_addict, it's boutique. only global boutiques have the ability to do heatstamping.

    and amyS, as long as it's an authentic item with a big enough space, they'll do it, even on vintage pieces.
  6. Yes, just take it in to your local boutique. Mine had to be sent away but it only took 3 days. I had mine about 2 months before I took it in to be stamped. They ended up giving me a new bag too.
  7. You might have to leave it there for a while. Stamping takes a few minutes but they have to bring it to the person who does this and there's a list of things that person has to do (other stuff for other customers). They might have you come back for it in a few days or so.