Do they have David Yurman Jewelry at Off Saks 5th

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  1. Hello all,

    Do you know if they have david yurman pieces at off saks 5th?

  2. I've never seen any. They do have John Hardy. I've seen Yurman at Neiman Marcus Last Call.
  3. I've seen DY at a few off saks. I've seen it more frequently at NM last call.
  4. Thanks a bunch! Just sent the DH a message with the good news!
  5. I haven't seen Yurman at Saks off fifth but I have seen a very limited selection of older styles no longer produced at NM last call...
  6. How old are the styles at NM last call? I'll be going to one tomorrow and hoping to purchase something DY. Although I do have my eye on the 5mm Color Classic Cable bracelets.. by any chance would they have something similar, or do they just sell limited edition or special items?
  7. They had a lot of Yurman at Off Fifth at Woodbury Commons when I was there last Friday. Some pieces were an additional 30% off too. They also had my favorite, Lagos, Kostantino, and some others.
  8. Sorry..let me correct myself. Saw the jewelry at NM Last Call, not Off Fifth...the extra 30% off. Did see some Yurman at Off Fifth too but not too much and the prices were not as good as NM>
  9. I'm fairly certain i've seen it at off 5th Great Mall but I could be mistaken
  10. The one near me DOES carry it but its very limited. I was just there last week and I was looking at the yurman...