Do they fake J12's?????

  1. I am wondering as I am looking on eBay. There are some 'too good to be true' deals.....
  2. Of course, everything is faked nowadays. So beware.
  3. Yes they do!
  4. Ohh yes
  5. No wayyy! They make fake watches too!!! Unbelievable!
  6. oh yes, a lot. In France this white or black ceramic is very trend and every three woman wears a fake chanel. th'at why i hesitate to buy a black J12. I hate to think that people imagine i have fakes
  7. Gezzz....they ruin everything:sad::push:!
  8. Definitely. I've seen some really good copies lately. Everything is faked these days:tdown:
  9. Yes, and the fakes can be quite good.

    I remember reading a thread where a member purchased a fake J12 and she did not find out it was fake until she took it into the boutique for a repair.
  10. hahaha. i think the question is, what DON'T they fake these days!
  11. My pedicurist has one. It is the white ceramic (albeit with the fake diamond bezel) and approximately 30mm in size. She called it, "my ChaNayNay" watch. No, I'm not kidding.:push:

    Apparently someone came into the salon selling them and various accessories imported from China.
  12. if it seems to good to be true then it is, stay away from anything that fits that description.:sad:
  13. There is a website dedicated to fake watches. I won't mention it on TPF since we don't do fakes. But yes, there are fake designer watches. Just terrible.
  14. Chanaynay??!!
    .....Seriously...... what is wrong with them?? Not only buying fake but destroying this beautiful brandname....
  15. I know. :wtf:

    My thoughts exactly.