Do they fake GST's???

  1. I am going to get my first Chanel bag...but...I have issues with bags that are widely faked. I already have several bags that are authentic but widely faked and it makes me :cursing: when someone says 'oh I got that same bag for $50 at ___'

    So Chanel Gurus! Enlighten me!;)
  2. haha i'd like to know as well.
  3. Me too! I just bought a GST!
  4. I live in Hawaii, so mostly here I've seen tons of fake LV's and Gucci's. Even fake Coach's (which I don't understand, but whatever).

    The mostly faked Chanel's I've seen around here are cambons, which have unfortunately, completely turned me off of that entire line.

    I've never seen a replica GST. Perhaps the quality and the structure of it makes it hard to duplicate.
  5. never seen a fake GST. never seen a real GST in public besides the one i own either lol. see lots of fake cambons walking around San Francisco though.
  6. The cambon is a lot easier to fake in comparison to the GST. It's sad because I used to REALLY want a cambon bag and wallet, but all the cheap fakes totally turned me away. :sad: Now whenever I see anything Cambon I just assume it's fake.
  7. is it because of the kind of leather that the GST have ? that's why it's difficult to fake??
  8. ^Hm.. I guess the way it's constructed with the chains and what not. Cambons don't require as much detail. It's hard to explain.

    I wouldn't be surprised if SOMEWHERE out there in China someone is pulling out replica GST's, but I just haven't seen any. A replica GST would probably look considerably fake judging by just how high quality the GST looks. Just my two cents.
  9. NO, I haven't seen any. In fact, I haven't seen any fake chanels with caviar leather.
  10. I have seen the fake medallion tote, but do not remember seeing a fake GST.
  11. how about timeless clutch? have you seen any fake of it?;)
  12. Wow, thanks everyone!!! I feel like the Cambons really get faked a lot which is why I never got one of those. I feel so much better now!!! Also, I think you may be right about faking the caviar leather- that would be hard to do!!!
  13. I have not seen any fake GSTs in Beverly Hills / L.A.
    Which is great, because I too hate seeing or having a bag that is faked a lot.
  14. Wow it's great to hear no one else has seen any either!