Do they ever go on sale?

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm new to b-bags but am SURE I need one. Does anyone know if these bags ever go on sale and if so, where? I don't want to buy online or on ebay...for sure I'd buy a fake.

    Thanks for any tips you have

  2. There was just a sale at Shirise (legit boutique in Chicago area), but it ended already (Mother's Day sale 20% off). Though they mentioned that they don't usually include Balenciaga on their sale, that was just a rare occasion since they apparently ordered too many bags this season. I believe Balenciaga NY would keep their bags until they are sold (no sales). Aloha Rag also. Though I've seen them put non-motorcycle bags on sale.

    If you've seen some other stores online carrying balenciaga for a discounted price, make sure you post them in the forum first and we'll help you figure out if they're legit :smile: