Do they ever go on sale

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  1. Im looking for a classic nude pump most likely the decolletes I looked everywhere - The website, Saks, Neiman Marcus etc but don’t see any CL pumps on sale.
  2. The Classics don't go on sale unfortunately. I bought the black décolleté back when they were $625. Recently bought the same kind in Nude in October and its up to $695.
  3. I’ve seen pigalle 100s on sale on matches fashion before. Or more like it was included in a discount code they had going on
  4. There was the January sale (CL boutiques, Neiman Marcus, etc), 40% off shoes on sale rack. MANY So Kate varieties -- suede (purple, blue, pink, forest green), silver glitter, etc. $425 + tax, great deal. I scored ALL 3 of the Eklectica 120 (variation of the So Kate, 3 layers/colors), 40% off $850 ($525)

    The leftovers got sent back to Corporate, will be sent to the (invite only) "sample sales" in NYC and Los Angeles. Make sure you get a few pairs!

    There is Ebay, Tradesy, Poshmark..always good deals on lightly worn (or new) Loubs
  5. Nordstrom’s designer sale will start late May. Usually the classic nudes never go on sale. I have always had luck with Poshmark and The Real Real.