Do they ever bring back styles?

  1. The first Coach bag I bought is dark brown with dark brown Cs... now that I've gotten more into Coach I would like to buy a mini and wristlet to match, but they don't carry the Hamptons mini and wristlet in brown on brown anymore... Any chance they'll bring it back?
  2. I love this color/print also, and have been hoping that they'll come out with more of this in Fall. I have seen the wristlets on eBay.
  3. Coach will sometimes revisit a popular style - look at the Ergo line. It was popular in 2002 and Coach brought it back in 2007. Why don't you try checking on eBay.
  4. If you check eBay, make sure you use the authentication thread unless you are 100% sure.
  5. Speaking of the Ergo line. I was in love with it before they came out with the new ones this year & had been trying to find one in Red Mini C...they were going on eBay for way too much. After the new line came out I finally got one just today for a song....:nuts:. I've checked it all out & am satisfied it's authentic. YAY I'm so excited to get it.