Do they do authentifications at Neiman Marcus?

  1. I have an auction currently running, and I had a question from a potential buyer regarding the authenticity of my bag. She asked if she could return it if the lady at NM deems it a fake. Do they even do this? My worry is that she would send back a crap bag, and I would be sunk.

    Any suggestions? She did ask for a specific photo, which I will send. I was actually planning on sending quite a few to help her feel better about things. Can you ladies think of anything else I can do?
  2. Neiman's doesn't officially do authentications. How is the Buyer's feedback? Sometimes in situations like this I have a tendency to go with my gut and block the bidder. Othertimes, they really are just looking for a sense of reassurance, perhaps having been burned before?
  3. Nope, NM and Chloe boutiques have a policy of not performing authentication. When I send a bag, I create a special custom tag that I place on it with my signature on one side and inked thumbprint over it, and on the other side a written description of the bag. Then I attach it in such a way so that the tape covers the hole of the tag, so the buyer can't remove the tag and re-attach it to a fake bag (in order to claim I sent them a different bag from the one I sent them). Yes, it's paranoid, but I haven't had any problems in the past two transactions, and hopefully the most recent one *knock on wood*.
  4. I did this tag thing, and no problems! I just cut a long strip of paper, wrote the description of the bag, date of sale, buyers name, my signature, and put some of my kids stickers on it! I took photos up close of the tag before I put it on the bag, and then more photos when I put it on the bag. I think this is an excellent idea, btw! Thank you for the input!
  5. As far as I know the only place that authenticates Chloe is
    She would have to take detailed pictures of the bag and e-mail them in for a $15 fee.
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