Do these shoes work for this dress?

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  1. I'd love to get your feedback on what shoes to pair with this dress!


    Would these be too busy with the ruffles of the hemline?

    Or should I stick with a neutral sandal?
  2. Could work... the dress is quite busy but its tone on tone and the shoes do add a nice pop of colour.
  3. I would favour a less is more approach with that dress. Between the stripes, bow and ruffles, I think the colourful pom-poms are OTT. I'd wear something simple like SW Nudist or MB Chaos.
  4. Another option:

  5. Love the dress! I think the first pair could be pulled of, also like the pop of colour it adds, could be very cute for a fun party!
    But I also think it might depend on your height, I know sounds weird but if the pompoms are further away from the ruffled hem, ie long legs, than it might not look as busy.

    The second pair I love the idea of the navy colour, but I think the style may be too proper/vintage/"matronly" for this dress (couldn't find a better word, love them, but would wear them with a more 50s inspired dress or a white mini or midi dress with a fitted top but fuller skirt - this also depends on your style though:smile: )

    Sorry if it sounds jumbled but it is hard for me to describe english is not my first language and it is late/early here;)
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  6. Thanks for the replies, quackedup, LavenderIce, & katja_246!
  7. I don't think the Coquines are quite right for the dress.
  8. Go for a coloured sandal! I think it will match well with the summer vibe of the dress.
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  9. Thanks LavendarIce & geraldine.rmg!
  10. I think the shoes match perfectly with that dress. I think it's a cute n nice dress. I love that shoes!
  11. I would choose a colored strappy heel that is simple, no ruffles or pompoms on it, etc.
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