Do these shoes match my gaucho?

  1. Hi everyone! Just need your opinions on whether you think these Coach wedges match my olive brown gaucho. I can't afford the matching Dior wedges since they're about $900CAD + tax at Holt Renfrew. I thought the color of the suede wedge heel closely matched the bag as well as the tan trim on the wedges matched the tan trim on the gaucho. Your opinions ... yes or no?
  2. I'm iffy about this one. The suede + leather combi isn't my cup of tea, but wedges+gaucho looks cute.
  3. Hi! I like the color of the wedge heel as well as the lighter strap trim.... I'm only not too sure about the whitish print though..
  4. I am not sure about the white color on the shoes as well but the rest are okay.
  5. It's a pretty close match. It should be okay.
  6. i agree:smile:
  7. matches. plus its gonna be far away...feet vs. purse. Looks good imo
  8. it matches only cuz your feet & purse will be far away and pants/skirt/shorts/jeans will be in between.
  9. I think they coordinate just fine ;)
  10. I say go for it! I think they look nice together.
  11. I think it works :amuse: Besides, they'll be a few inches away from each other, so it's just fine :P I love your Gaucho :love:
  12. They look okay together. Your gaucho will work better with plain dark brown leather pumps or wedges.
  13. Thanks everyone for all your replies:flowers: ... I'm a little iffy about them but they'll have to do for now. I guess I'll have to go shoe shopping again!:graucho:
  14. the colors match though..