Do these shoes hurt?

  1. Hi! I am thinking of getting these shoes, but has anyone bought them before and do they hurt because of the elasticised part? Please click on the link below to see the shoes as i'm not sure how to attach pics from my ipad. Thanks!
  2. Have you tried them on? I did and they felt extremely comfortable. Not sure how it'll feel having to walk in them for a long time but I doubt they'll hurt 'cos they felt sooooo comfortable and soft. And I think the elasticity will wear down after a while and fit just right. I've got My Joys (kinda similar to this), they were a little wee bit tight at first but after a couple of wears, they were fine.
  3. Thanks Glitzcow! I've bought them and have worn them a few times for 2-4 hours and they didnt hurt at all. They are also really pretty and go well with jeans and skirts!
  4. Very nice shoes! I almost bought one online and I was afraid of the elastic at the back hurting too. Are they true to size or have to go half size up?
  5. I'm a size 6 and bought a 6 and they feel comfy. I tried the 6 half and it was ok at first but after walking in it in the shop for just a few steps, my feet felt like it was coming out of the shoe after a while. So for me, it was true to size for these elastic shoes. hope this helps :smile: