Do these really come with LV bags?

  1. I've never gotten them...

  2. I have the booklets for everything else BUT monogram.
  3. Thanks, LV_addict! I've never gotten either with my Louis Vuittons...
  4. They come with most bags. They don't come with monogram though.
  5. same here.
  6. I got one for the cerises, cb and mc line
  7. I only have Mono, so I have never got them. But I did get one with my cerise bag, but not my panda.
  8. I don't think there is one for the mono line, but all of the specialty mono. Lately my SA's at my local LV have begun keeping the two tags that come with any item. I asked her why last time and she said that they're *supposed* to keep them. So, if it's important that you have your tags, please make sure you ask before you leave the store. I know I will be doing that.
  9. Yeah...I have the ones for Graffiti, CB, Multicolore, Cerises, Chains, Perfo and Vernis...but I never got the one with my Panda pochette :sad:
    But to the OP, I've never gotten any with the monogram either, just the long rectangular tag that notes the style and the other that notes the material.
  10. my mc speedy came with a booklet.
  11. I've just gotten it w/ the vernis & the mc.
  12. gonna go look at my new bags and see......
  13. Same as everyone else, I didn't get a booklet with my mono Speedy or damier Papillon, but I got the tag that has the name of the bag on it. I did get a booklet with my Vernis agenda.
  14. Yep, booklets with everything but the mono (actually, does the damier have the care booklet?) The card shows the fabric type (and carries the model number?) But, when I was in Venice, the SA actually threw away the card, saying "Oh, no one has a need for these..."

    So, I guess unless you ask for the card, it may just get thrown away.

  15. i have all the booklets from most LV lines except the monogram(Now),but many-many years ago the booklet did come in the monogram