Do these match?

  1. I tried these combinations today and my SO said that he wasn't sure about the colors working together. (I like it though...) What do you think?

    Also, would white multicolore be better with the myrtille or no multicolore at all?
  2. No, I don't like either look, IMO, I think your So was kind of correct. Sorry...:shrugs:
  3. oh booo =C. I can always put them in my hair!
  4. Lol, I actually do like both! I really like purple and yellow together - they're opposite on the color wheel, so I think that means they contrast well together...

    And I do think the black MC goes with the blue speedy. But then again, I may be crazy.

    But whatever you like, is what you should do!
  5. A lot of people like yellow/purple combinations, something I've never understood about the complimentary colors on the color wheel. I think the blue one looks good though.
  6. The one on the yellow Speedy looks ok because it plays off of the gold in the scarf. I do think the white would look nicer on the Myrtille though, like you said.
  7. I love the Blue purse. The yellow would look good with the black scarf as well. just my thought.
  8. I agree. Have you tried the black scarf with the yellow? It's a nice scarf.
  9. i think the purple scarf on the yellow speedy looks great. I also think that the black mc scarf would look great on the yellow speedy as well. Theres something about the myrtille blue that doesnt cordinate.
  10. personally i like the purple scarf on the yellow speedy, but think white multicolor might be better on myrtille blue. :smile:
  11. I agree with everyone that said the white MC might look better with the blue. I like the purple and the mandarin though!
  12. I think the purple looks great on the yellow and it plays off the fact that the yellow epi has the purple interior, then the gold in it is picked up nicely by the yellow, I think it's a great choice! And I agree with the white looking better on the myrtle, I think the black looks fine, but I normally don't like to do the black and blue thing myself.......
  13. I like both!:flowers:
  14. i agree!!
  15. Count me in as another who loves the yellow/purple combination. The myrtille/black multi combo is okay, but it just doesn't "pop" like the yellow/purple pairing.