Do these look tapered to anyone?

  1. These have a 27 inseam and are meant to go to the ankle, but on me they would be regular pants. I was going to bid on them but I don't want the bottoms to look all weird...idk do they look tapered to anyone else?

  2. They do look like they're straight leg but not what I'd call tapered. Tapered for me are skinny jeans.
  3. if you ask me and mention about them being tapered, they "do" kind of look tapered but i'd go with missmustard's thought on how they look more straight legged. tapered is usually a term for skinny legs and these don't look too much like skinny legs at a 27 inch inseam.
  4. Yeah to me they look more like straight leg jeans also.
  5. they dont look tapered to me either, they look like regular straight leg jeans to me.