Do these look like they are balding????

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  1. I bought a pair of pony hairs on ebay. They haven't arrived yet but I log in periodically so I can stare at the picture in the auction and imagine what I will wear them with.:graucho:
    Anyway, I do this from my home computer but yesterday I did this from my work computer and the screen is showing the pics a little lighter. From my work computer, it looks as though the heel on the right shoe (right above the tap) and the back part of the right shoe (right where the heel is connected to the shoe) is bald---like my computer looks like there is no hair in those 2 spots. I didn't notice this from my home computer. Is it just my eyes? What do you ladies thinK?

  2. ^^^FYI-seller says shoes are in great condition and didn't disclose any wear or damage.
  3. Is this the only picture you got of the shoes?
  4. No, there were 3 other pics but 2 of them were pics of the front of the shoe and one was a close up of the side/sole of the shoe. This is the only pic I have of the back of the shoe.
  5. It looks like she's not changed the heel taps on time and the heels have been damaged. The pony hair cover looks like it's separated from the heel.

    I hope that it's not really the case and it's just a bad photo. If the seller does not share our love of high end shoes, she might consider this "excellent condition." Like the sellers who say/think that scoured soles make for a new shoe or excellent condition.
  6. I guess you'll have to wait until you get them to be sure. If there is indeed damage that wasn't disclosed, and it really bothers you, you can file a SNAD. That being said, pony hair will bald over time, that's just the way it is.
  7. Is there any way to "repair" pony hair once it starts to shed or do people just wear them with bald spots? Ick...
  8. It definitely looks like there's something...hard to tell for sure though.
  9. I can't see from looking at the pic.
  10. Obviously a lot of wear would make pony hair bald, but will they "shed" or bald just from age? Are they more delicate than python?
  11. I can't believe they would just lose hair due to age. It's dead skin. Old fur coats don't shed just because they're old. I doubt that hairy calf skin would be any different.

    The only reason I can imagine for shoe hair loss under normal conditions (not for instance extreme temperature changes which can damage leather) is wear from rubbing. You can also pull out the hair, but it won't just fall out.
  12. ^^That is true. I had a pair of pony hair peeptoes once (Not CL but a much cheaper brand) and I wore them with pants. After wearing them for 4 hours, the heels were bald b/c the pants (wool trousers) rubbed on them slightly. I returned them to Nordstrom and they took them back. That being said, I would hope that the qualify of CLs is different. That was a $120.00 pair of shoes compared to a $695.00 pair of shoes....I guess we will see when they arrive. Ugh, I hope I didn't get duped.
  13. Good point.

    Fashion, I hope these are perfect for you. Ebay is so tricky.
  14. ^Thanks. I am keeping my fingers crossed but I have a sick sinking feeling about them....
  15. When you get them, use the moroccon oil method to smooth them out :smile:

    Excuse the long post, i'm quoting melia :smile: