Do these look like the same colors to you??

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  1. I guess this is what happens when you buy something sight unseen, etc.

    Luna Boston has put up colors of their "turquoise". Correct me if i'm wrong, but LCs bag is very bright, neonish, and the LB pics are just a dull baby blue.

    When i watched a video on youtube, it also showed the turquoise to be bright, so wth?
  2. I wish the aqua had the polka dot lining! Now I'm tempted by the turquoise...the color does look brighter, but it has the antique silver and the polka dot lining.
  3. Antique silver do look really good on that Turquoise leather. LB's photos tend to be a lil washed out at times so that could be it?
  4. I agree - LC's looks MUCH more vibrant than the one on the site.
  5. I totally see what you're talking about... But man, that's a pretty MAC! The antique silver hw looks crazy good against the leather and the polka dot lining should compliment the bag as well....
  6. Antique silver is H-O-T
  7. I don't know if aqua and turquoise are the same color, but aqua will show up again late spring in more styles! I'm hoping in antique silver/polka dot lining too....which means I may have to get one again! I think aqua is a bit darker/greenish than turquoise, but until someone does a reveal we can't really say for sure.

  8. if I remember correctly, the new aqua is very close to a baby bluish color...much like turquoise. Turquoise has the antique silver hardware (:love:) and the new aqua has regular silver (I think).
  9. Well I'm hoping the aqua color that comes out later this spring remains the same as the first version released because I will get it with the new hardware and lining update! I already have the aqua/gold version of the MAC. The turquoise is probably a baby blue, as pictured.
  10. I have the Aqua MAC with gold hw also- just got it from LB a couple weeks ago. The Aqua blue is definitely MUCH brighter and much prettier in person than LB's washed out pics. I bet the Turquoise will be the same... IRL it probably looks most like the pic with LC. And I like the polka dot lining with this MAC... it is cute IMO and better than birdies!
  11. Yeah the antique silver and polka dots match much better!
  12. I had the turquoise for about 10 min yesterday, it's definitely brighter than LB's pics!
  13. yay, for a thread of hope that it's vibrant!

    now .... when will the bag get here!??? *waits impatiently*

    i'll take irl pics and show you, if it ever shows up :smile:
  14. Which bag did you order satine? I'm really curious to see what this color really looks has potential to be amazing!
  15. well i ordered the turquoise, thinking it'd be what LC has. i'm still waiting for it. so strange, i got shipping conf. USPS last week and again today, so i'm not sure when asteralice sent the bag out or when i'll get it.

    *waits impatiently*