Do these kicks go with our glorious HH bags?

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  1. swolfcg suggested this thread title in the Inaugeration sale thread. I supplied what I thought would be a match to the Clara, and it got me thinking about shoes I had seen that I thought would go with other bags. Then I thought "If we post those we like with the bags, we cans save each other LOTS of shopping time which we can then dedicate to shopping our glorious HH bags!"

    So here are some suggestions. I will say that I prefer comfort shoes and that is the category that I will stick to. Even the heels are Soff Shoe Company - mucho padding. In fact, in respect of everyone's preference for either high heels or low - I have included one of each.

    So, here goes...JUST FOR KICKS...

    Clara Flap Satchel in BZ (Shoe on left is Sofft's Spring 09 - name not released. Shoe on right is "Kristie" in the Clark's Privo line )

    Violet Crinkle Patent - Havana. (I did one also of the Trophy w/same kicks, if you want to see, let me know). Shoes same as above.


    Platinum Lizard - Havana. Shoes are Sofft's Petra in Madreperla Silver (L) and Vaneli's "Dereka" (R) in Platino Quilted Nappa with Opal Metallic leather trim.

    Pewter Distressed - Sloane. Shoes are Sofft's Petra in Pewter (L) and for a bit of retro... Clarks Wendy in Titanium Metallic Leather now on sale (R)

    So, lets see what other new spring kicks are out there!
  2. Sort of an aside, but has anyone tried the Dansko heels? They have a reasonably cute pair and I am really limited in the heels i can wear, but I don't want to shell out $165 unless i'm sure they're nice.
  3. Pasdedeux, I like Dansko's designs but have been hesitant to shell out the prices. I had one pair of Dansko mules that I got VERY reduced. I loved the look but the toe bed was too wide for me to hold the mule in place. I have heard from others that the front of Dansko's (at the toe bed) is wider than some of the other comfort brands.
  4. I have been playing with my Spring HG grouping. I have declared that I will joust with all comers to win the fair HH Beatrice. Alongside her are "Kicks in Waiting". Front two are Clark's new spring line. Back (flats) are Cole Haan.

  5. Cool, RealMcCoy - so you're using Polyvore to do this? Very clever!
  6. #6 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    You actually named thread that, too funny.

    RM, I'm kinda in love with the kicks in the middle of the beatrice. Do they have a name?
    Clarks, really? I don't recognize that shoe, hmm.

    Found it, Erda. Very cute. But, what's the name of the one on the right?
  7. These arrays are simply awesome!!! I discovered Sofft last fall - had chalked them up to something other than what they are -- which is a company with a comfort priority that also makes really stylish shoes! I really liked a few pairs that you posted above.

    I like the middle pair best here - the espadrille ones with a heel... the idea of that magnificent specimen of a Beatrice arriving along with the weather to wear these shoes makes me :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Oh, drat. I forgot Polyvore. No, I photoshoped these. There, that will teach me. LOL. Good thinking, India.
  9. The middle pair is the one I like best also. They are Clark's new spring arrivals. The name of the shoe is ERDA. I like them so much I may indulge in a vice of mine - to buy all colors in a style I like. This shoe also comes in a brown which looks like a great match to my cordovan havana. The peanut looks like HH saddle and there is a red that is calling to be worn with my Tango Red Tharpe. And, I do believe this forthcoming spring Beatrice is the most magnificent specimen of a Beatrice. I keep looking for her to arrive for pre-order and have saved my $25 gift cards for said purpose.
  10. Yes, in honor of you, I named it per your suggestion. I love the thread with kicks and bags from previous seasons, but thought a dream sequence of kicks with recent and forthcoming bags could save us some "clicking" time.:yes:
  11. Rm, I'm not as talented as you in the computer dept. Polyvore is actually flipping me off right now. And I don't have photoshop. I need some skills.
  12. Don't you listen to stacy and clinton!? Shoes don't have to match! you can wear them all with ALL your bags!!
  13. I love all of the shoes you have grouped together! Great eye realmcCoy!
  14. Funny, I watch that show too. I agree matching is not necessary, it just has to "go" with each other. Neutrals go with everything however.
  15. Though their approval of leopard print will never sit well with me, they do nevertheless sometimes choose some cute shoes.