do these go together??

  1. Do you think vernis framboise accessories (wallet) go with a Damier bag..with the red interior??? TIA:smile:
  2. Pomme goes with everything!!! I think this would look good together
  3. I don't know if they work... though it certainly would look nice with the brown exterior!
  4. Of course it would..I have mixed items in my bags all the time. I don't like matching.
  5. Yeah I should add I don't really worry too much about stuff like that, unless it clashes horribly or something. I mix damier, mono, and azur in my bag right now, which isn't even LV!
  6. Haha in my bag (my Damier Speedy) today, I had my Damier keycase which I always carry, my Cerises PMR and my Groom Compact Zippe wallet lol.
  7. Definitely! Raspberry and Ebene are a match.
  8. I agree, I also think it would look well together!!
  9. I think it would. You don't have to be "matchy matchy" all the time. ;)
  10. Any shade of pink + brown = :drool: for me.
    As long as you're not mixing orange...with green...with blue :shocked: I think you should be okay!
  11. I think it would!
  12. i love mixing stuff! like a cerises speedy 25 with a mono groom clas lol
  13. definitely! unless you really are the mix & match type :smile:

    i use my damier waller, epi pocketbook, framboise flat pouch with my monogram bag. LOL!! they certainly do not mix & match but they carry the stuff that i need. changing wallets/pouches depending on the bag i use is such a hassle coz i keep forgetting things...
  14. I'm a stick-in-the-mud about matching so i'm going to say no. But in reality, who is going to see the inside of the bag? :sweatdrop:
  15. I'm not the matchy-matchy type, so I would say yes.