do these dior pumps run TTS

  1. Dior shoes don't run really small. So yes, they will most likely run true to size.
  2. I usually find Dior shoes run a bit big.
  3. thanku girls!
    i was at the boutique today
    tried on a hot pair of cannage pumps
    and i had to go down to a 38!
  4. im just after getting a new pair of Dior pumps and i got 37.5 when usually i get 38 or 38.5 ( Dior sandals ) :confused1: so i guess you have to always try the Diors on before u buy! ( unless u dont care if theyre a tad too small or too big because you want them SOOO much and u will wear them anyway:nuts: - just like i do hihi )
  5. I have in these in black and had to go a size down 6 to 5.5.