Do these CL's look alright on me?

  1. the third pic doesn't show that the pic with your feet in it?
  2. ^they look fine!
    a cute shade of green too!
  3. I think they look fine :yes: ; cute shoes :heart:
  4. They are cute. I just pre-ordered the new espadrille slingbacks coming out! can't wait.
  5. LOVE THEM:heart: ! And your feet look just fine in them:yes: I also love the color as well...
  6. I think your shoes and feet look great together, it's such a pretty color and they look like a perfect fit.

    P.S. When I read the first sentence I sort of thought they were a size to small or something and I would see your feet trying to bulge out of them :p
  7. I think they look fine too :flowers:
  8. yep, even at a weird angle, looking down they look great :biggrin:

    congrats on your new CLs, now stop worrying and enjoy them ;)
  9. they're cute! and look very nice on your feet. :smile:
  10. Thank you ladies!! It makes me feel better about keeping them :smile: I bought them from the Saks sale without seeing them!
  11. They look just like mine look in my pink pair--I had the same fear at first as well--espadrilles just look different on feet than sandals or pumps, IMO. Did you get yours on the Saks sale?
  12. Cute!
  13. Love them! It's such a great color!