Do these bales look square to you?

  1. My eyes arent so good but I'm pretty sure these bales look square, Am I right or wrong?

    Also, it's suppose to be Indigo but isnt this colour a little light for Indigo?

  2. Looks square to me.
  3. Looks square to me too.
  4. yup... looks square
  5. I hate sellers like this!!!! They're asking $925 as a starting bid for a fake! :mad:
  6. saw that auction a few minutes ago...definately square. fake!
  7. Is it auction on eBay? actually we can report it to eBay that the seller sell fake bags... ugh I hate them....
  8. what is a bale and why is it supposed/not supposed to look square?
  9. Yeah this fake has been relisted many many times - it's really a shame, the auction is full of a bunch of lies :sad:
  10. Mpark, a bale is what connects the leather part of the shoulder strap to the hardware, if you take a look at an authentic balenciaga the bales will be perfectly round, have a thicker appearance, and have a certain amount of space between that and the leather strap. Authentic Balenciaga's only have rounded bales -- never will you find an authentic bag with a square bale...

    although there are some superfakes that almost have the bale correct, so please dont use that as your only way to distinguish a fake. there is always something wrong in a fake bag, they never get it 100%.
  11. totally agree - square!!!! do not buy this bag!
  12. i still don't really understand...i dont see anything "square" on the the bag
  13. Definitely fake...I wish they were all this easy! And I wish someone would do something about these FAKE bag sellers!
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