Do these bags look too "carry-on"-ish?

  1. leatherwise, I think the second one will scratch less, and if it does, it will matter a lot less....
  2. ....but, I personally like the first one more, just worry about the leather....
  3. I think the second one looks more like a carryon, I prefer the first as well!
  4. I like both of them. especially the first one (lisa kline). I don't think they look "carry on" at all.
  5. I prefer the 1st bag (Rebecca Minkoff 's Morning after bag), the color you chose is very nice & neutral. If you decide on getting it, there's a 30% off promotion code that can be used at her official web site

    This bag's getting a lot of attention: Stars are carrying them and it's featured in several magazines lately.

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  6. Wow, thanks for the responses! Yeah, I was leaning towards the Rebecca Minkoff one, but wanted to make sure it didn't look so obviously a "morning after" type of bag!
  7. I brought home an Anna Corinna last fall and the leather was of such poor quality, extremely distressed and veiny. However, it seems that more recently it's much softer and supple. That having been said I vote for the Rebecca Minkoff.