Do the small and medium agenda refills have...

  1. ....a 30-day calendar page for each month in addition to daily pages?
    I have never seen the actual pages for LV agendas. I have a Kate Spade agenda and it doesn't have any full month calendar pages.
  2. for my medium agenda, the lv pages come on one week to two pages (they don't have day on a page- i called *everyone* to find that out). at the beginning of the calendar, there are 30 day calendar pages at a glance- like a real calendar with the little blocks- for each month. i don't think i am explaining this well- sorry.

    for the small agenda i had the day on a page and you couldn't fit the whole year in at a time; also, i do not believe that they had the 30 day calendar grid at a glance, either.

    hope that helps???
  3. in the real-calendar pages, are there blocks for each day to write in? (Like a real wall calendar)
  4. ^ yes, but they are pretty small. i use them though- it's good for a 'month at a glance' sort of thing.