Do the SAs where you shop "know" you?


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Sep 28, 2005
This is a little embarrassing, but the SAs at the Coach near my work now recognize me when I come in. Today the manager finally introduced herself and asked me my name. And there was a SA at Nordstrom at the bag counter who always recognized me and said hi too last year, because I made a couple purchases with her.

I am usually just looking, and I can't figure out if they are being friendly or being too aggressive. Probably just friendly! It doesn't bother me THAT much, but it's just weird to a person like me that's a little shy.

Does that happen to you guys too? Sometimes I like being anonymous when I'm shopping...
The girls down at RUBY clothing know me by my first name and everytime i call to ask if a new line of clothing has come in, they go, "is that you helen?" :shame:

I actually like it how they know me because they can help me out when i'm buying clothes!!! they're SO friendly and helpful! AND even at Christmas time, i got a FREE singlet which was nearly worth $100 NZ dollars!!

So, i tend to shop only at RUBY... in other stores its a totally different story especially if you're not signed up as a loyal customer! ;)
Dior is like my Cheers :lol: Where everyone knows your name. My regular NM depts, Fendi, LV and Chanel Fine Jewelry are like that as well. Thats a large part of the reason why I continue to go to those places :biggrin: Its nice to get personalized service or get a headsup on the latest events, private parties, and merchandise available.
I know exactly what you mean, jane. It's nice that the SAs are friendly, and I know that they only mean to be helpful, but I also am a bit shy in stores and I like to have my own space, just to browse. As helenNZ points out, though, it can be beneficial to become 'known' -- there can perks. Still!
Well, it is good to know that when I do decide to buy, I'll get good service. I'm not even really complaining, it just makes me a little self-conscious, like, "damn, I really do come in here all the time, don't I?"

Yeah...the SA who sold me my Paddington at Nordstrom know me and always talks to me when I come by the store. It's good because she always calls when they get a new shipment of Chloe and also tells me what new styles or new designers are coming to their store.
There was an SA that I purchased from all the time at Saks, and she would always greet me and ask how things were with my life. Then, there was a period where I had a little Saks sabbatical. A few months passed, and I was shopping at Neiman's one day when I heard a familiar was the Saks SA! She transferred over to the Neiman's and now greets me everytime I shop there. It's a little weird to me (and embarassing) that a SA recognizes me, but she is really nice (especially since I've curbed spending).
yep, sad to say i shop too much. and halifax is a small city, so i feel like i know the SAs in most stores. its nice though, i like the perks, free hemming, special deals, etc...except when you have a problem with something. i'm at war with the manager of club monaco here..really, really bad service involving a return and he remembers and so do i. but i have no choice but to keep shopping there..its just that small of a city.
I admit that I shop A LOT. It doesn't help that I live near a mall and work near a mall. So it's REALLY easy to just "drop by." So now most of the SA's know who I am. Especially the ones that have helped me once or twice... My friend says I'm "memorable" because I'm chatty and friendly--never grumpy. All I know, I could NEVER work for the FBI, people always seem to remember me!
I think it's very warming to have a SA knows you and to have them greet you everytime they see you. Makes it a very friendly atmosphere when you shop, but I do have to admit that sometimes when I'm just there strictly to browse I do feel kind of embarrassed knowing that I won't be buying anything from her that day.

The SAs at the Dior cosmetic counter and at the Coach store always recognize me and they'll say hi and stuff. It's embarrass when you're there shopping with your girlfriends because they'll then turn around and ask you "so I guess you DO shop alot here huh?" lol