Do the rhinestones also fall out from the Chanel logo necklace?

  1. Hi,

    I have read here that people's experience is that the stones fall out from the earrings. i just ordered the necklace and it came today :yahoo: It is really cute! However, if the stones are just going to fall out I do not want to pay that kind of money for it...esp since when I inspected it one stone already looked a little off:tdown:

    what are your experiences with the durability of the necklace?

    Also if I do end up returning good is Chanel with returns?

  2. yes, they fall out. I ended up returning mine after they fell out twice. I got plain CC earrings instead, that have no stones in them. I will not buy anything with rhinestones from them again, since they did not stay. I think this is mainly due to the heat here in VA, they fell out both times it got over 90 degrees here...I think the glue just came undone. The necklace has a 1 year warranty, my stone first fell out in may, mid way thru, the second time in july or so. They had no problem exchanging it for me as I did want something else.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    Anyone else have an opinion?
  4. I've had earrings, and necklaces and so far none of the rhinestones have fallen out. But I know that Chanel is very good about replacing these when the rhinestones do fall out.
  5. Crystals falling out from the jewelry is really not that common of an experience. Personally, I have sold hundreds of items with crystals and very few end up having problems. However, the problem is when one falls out it is due to a defect in the adhesive. Once one falls out, the rest will follow. When taking an item back for repair, it is best to request that all stones be replaced with new adhesive.
  6. How long does it take to repair them?

    I am going to be in Helsinki next year. I looked on the Chanel website and it appears that they have a store there. Would they be able to fix them there even if I bought it in the US?
  7. I have never had to send any costume jewelry in for repair so I don't know how long it would take. Nor have I returned anything because it was defective, but I have read about other ladies taking in things and having them replaced with new ones.

    I am sure you will not have a problem with the Helsinki Chanel. Make sure to take your receipts with you just in case.
  8. I have Chanel eyeglasses and a few of the rhinestones have fallen out.