Do the prints that aren't sold in LS stores ever make it to the LS outlets?

  1. I know that some of the prints (Citta, Citta Rosa, Foresta?) never made it to the outlets. Were they only sold in department stores and not LS stores? Or did the LS stores just sell out? Since Trasporto & Vacanze will only be sold in dept. stores and not LS stores, I'm wondering if the LS outlets will ever have them? :confused1:
  2. i know hawaii will have the new prints....

    hmm foresta, citta, and citta rosa sold out at LS stores.... thats why the outlets never had them
  3. L'Amore wasn't sold in LS stores and a few of the bags ended up at one of the outlets so who knows. I really believe anything is possible with LS these days. We can't figure them out :cursing: I say if there's something you want, just keep checking the outlet. :idea:
  4. they werent??? they were here!! at waikiki they got in another shipment 2 weeks ago!
  5. They didn't sell them in the CA or NY Lesportsac stores :confused1:
  6. aww that sucks!! Well hopefully there is more surprises! Where they just start showing up! hehehe
  7. Hawaii is an exception to the rule, that's why we get it at our Lesportsac stores.
  8. I guess it's because they jack up our prices! hahaha damn... at least we get them in!:yes: