Do the padlocks of seasonal or limited items differ from that of the core collection?

  1. I noticed that the padlock for my Mini Lin Speedy oxidizes easily but both my Mirage and Miroir padlocks still looks shiny as the day I got them. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Funny that you said that - the padlock on my mini lin was already a bit tarnished when I bought it home. I switched it with the one from my alma that I purchased 6 years ago - which still looked brand new!

    I still love my mini lin. :heart:
  3. I think so...the locks on my mono Speedies 25 & 30 are not as orangey-gold & shiny as the one on my Mirage Speedy.
  4. Yes they are different. They also made a different color for the dentelle speedy as well. That lock was a blondish gold hue, very pretty!!!
  5. ^^^Now I want one. Tee hee.
  6. the locks of most monogram bags are coded R10000.
    the mini lin lock is also R10000 but has recently been changed to R10008. it is a different lock because it was found that when the R10000 lock oxidizes, it will form a 'patch' on ur mini lin fabric. so now on mini lin speedy comes with a different type of lock

    anyway, u can always polish your lock and keys with autosol or brasso or any brass polish. it will become very shiny after polishing

  7. Funny, Luvr.....
    you and i both have the Mirage and the Miroir lockits, and i noticed the same thing!!! I guess for the price we paid for these 2 bags, we DESERVE the better locks!!!!!!!

    p.s. we have the same good taste, LOL!!!!!!:p
  8. p.s. we have the same good taste, LOL!!!!!!:p[/quote]

    hahaha, true!!! looking forward to the Griet.