do the numbers on the authenticity cards say when a bag was made?

  1. Okay like 11 we know is from this year but lets says it says 11 and then 5 and then another card says 11 and then 6 and it's the same style bag. Does the 6 mean it's newer? Like it was made after the one that says 5?

    I am trying to figure that out and I couldn't find the answer on the board.
  2. i don't think so? my balenciaga ones do though!
  3. So the numbers mean what year it was made?

    Mine is 4814347

    When was mine made?
  4. Yes it does, there's a thread about that somewhere here.
  5. I couldn't find the one that talked about this specifically. Do you have a link?
  6. I think Mon or Michelle posted it this info. before, but it goes something like this:
    Series number (season year) starting w/number:

    4 -1993-1994
  7. ^Yeah no that's not what I meant. I was just asking what the numbers after 11 mean. I was wondering if 6 is a newer made bag then one that starts with 5. Considering it's the same style bag just two different ones.
  8. It's pretty much the sequence. So 112XXXXX would be before or older than 113XXXXX
  9. ^ Okay cool that's what I was asking. Thanks! :smile: