Do the newer locks not have a "made in..." anymore?

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  1. Hi, I noticed the newer locks on some of my new bags don't have a "made in France" anymore? In fact it has nothing just Louis Vuitton Paris. Can anyone confirm? I guess it's better so that if you have a Made in US bag it wouldn't be so weird that your lock has a made in France on it. Not a big deal though :smile: TIA!
  2. Which bags are you referring to ?
  3. the speedy 30 is the one that I notice first.
  4. That is correct - just LOUIS VUITTON Paris
  5. I realized that on january 2009, when I bought a Sprouse Speedy, it came with a lock without the "Made in France"... After that I've been getting mixed locks, some have "Made in..." others don't.
  6. I've got one of each.
  7. I guess Addy just confirmed our mystery, m8875! Thank you both!! :biggrin:
  8. I just got a brand new lock for my 18 month old keepall that said "Made in France"
  9. ^^^
    Could have been older stock. Lucky you :biggrin: