Do The New Pebbled Siennas Soften Up With Age?

  1. Has anyone been wearing their pebbled Sienna for awhile and found that it softened up a bit? I know when they're new, they can be a little bit stiff. Does it get floppy over time???:shrugs:
  2. I have a pebbled black Paige and it hasnt really softened up alot, but then again I don't wear it every day. I bet if you were wearing a bag every day for some time it would eventually soften up...I actually wish mine would soften up just a little.
  3. I bought a girlfriend of mine a Bourbon Jessie 2 years ago. The same thick pebbled leather. I also bought a raisin for myself. I rarely used mine while hers was her only "real" bag and she used it everyday for over a year. You wouldn't believe how wonderful it was a year later. Very soft and pliable and stretched out (in a good way). The bag looked so lived in but still looked terrific in a whole different way. You couldn't imagine that it strecthed and she had tons of stuff crammed in there. Even a water bottle..In a jessie!
  4. Thank you Lexie. Seriously. That's been a really big beef for me. I have a raisin Sienna and I'm so afraid it's going to stay stiff forever. I am in love with the color. It's crazy beautiful. But I keep looking at it going "uh - it's as stiff as a board." My older smooth leather Siennas are like buttah, and we've been over THAT conversation before! (:yahoo:) but I THINK I MIGHT be falling in love with this Sienna.....I kind of surprised myself. Like it was meant to be.....:heart:
  5. But that means you are going to have to USE it. My GF really didn't baby her bag at all and I'm serious when I said she used it everyday. She never had a designer bag and didn't have the money so that was her only bag. I suppose it was a little easier for her to gently stress her bag since it was smaller abd she could stuff it and really work on those outer pockets but believe me, in time they will get totally mushy. I will ask her to take a pic of her bag so I can show it to you.
  6. Tee hee - yes Lex I know! :heart: I'm telling you - I took it out today and thought "hmmm.....I can see why a lot of people like the smoother leather, and I do agree, the smooth leather is awesome." But this has a whole different boho vibe to it. And the color. It's all about that color.
    Okay, if you could find a pic of her bag that would be wonderful. I've never been able to use a Jessie - I think for me that they're a tad small...but that would be great to see smooshy pebbled leather! :girlsigh:
  7. You could take drastic measures to help the leather soften.
    I had a besso once and I wanted it to soften up quickly, so aside from using it and filling it with hardbacked Harry Potter books when I wasnt carrying it, I would roll it up and put it under my husbands pillows at night. He is heavy and he moves around so much in his sleep, and it really helped to break that besso in.

  8. GET OUT! Are you serious???? :roflmfao: That's wonderful!

    Now did he mind????

    I took her out today and WOW. I love her. I wonder how many ladies here have thought "ugh - no way" only to give it another chance and go "oh my - what was I thinking?"