Do the new MbMJ Turlock bags have better leather than the old?

  1. I was wondering if someone has the new TT bags and an old TT bag and can tell me what the differences are (besides the hardware). I am thinking of selling my old TT Teri for a newer one because the leather seems more durable. Is this true?

    I love my Teri to death and the leather is so smooshy and soft, but my only concern is that whenever I take her out to a restaurant, I always manage to get some sort of stain on it! I'm SUPER careful with my bags and always try to put my bag in a safe place but it doesn't seem to help. It does goes away though after I put some moisturizer on it (and I guess it helps since it's black!). The TT Teri I have is the one from Fall 2006 (the hardware is stamped "Marc" on one side and "Jacobs" on the other)

    Any thoughts?
  2. I've read somewhere here that new Teri bags have pebbled leather ... very different from the older ones ... .

    I have an old Teri and I'm always afraid about water stains!!!
  3. I have a new Teri and the leather is quite pebbled. I don't have an old Teri but I've seen/touched it and really like its softer/refined leather. Maybe my new Teri will get softer/smooshier with time, but I actually like the older Teri leather more. (I bought the new Teri b/c I prefer silver hardware). As for durability, my Teri up is holding up pretty well (I cram all my books/school stuff in) so I like that it's a kind of bag I can sort of throw around.

    Probably best to see the new Teri in person if you can.
  4. By "new" do you mean this season?
    I have a turnlock shopper that I bought about 4 months ago but it's made of the same ultra-soft leather that I think you're talking about. I've been using it as a school bag and the leather has held up amazingly well. It looks very new still (granted, it's been less than 6 months) but there's no sign of wear, even on the corners. As long as you protect your Teri with moisturizer, I think she should be fine!
  5. ^ Yes, I mean the recent Turnlock bags with the gold or silver hardware (mine's the old one with the brass hardware)

    I guess that the leather is still the same from everyone's opinions. I got the impression that the leather may be more rugged for the newer bags than with the older bags (the leather on mine is pretty smooth with little to no pebbling). I just don't know why it keeps having these darker spots whenever I use it!!
  6. Ok, I think our bags are made of the same leather (mine has brass hardware and no pebbling also, I probably bought it at the end of the last season). Didn't you say your bag was black? How is it getting stains/spots... are they darker spots? I bought mine in black assuming it would be safe from stains, does the color fade over time?
  7. Yup, Jira's photo of what I mean by the "new leather". It is definately more pebbled than mine which I thought meant that it would hold up alot better and would take a beating compared to the one I have now.

    ^ It's hard to explain, It seems like there's a patch or two that is a different color than the black - maybe it's just under different lighting? I don't even know how I managed to get those spots in the first place, but no, it's not fading or anything! Maybe I'm just picky! Haha.
  8. :sad: I'm sorry you're having problems with your bag. If it does bother you that much, then it's not worth having a bag that is so delicate. And the good news is, they're still making the Teri so you can definitely get another one in a more durable leather! Good luck!
  9. i ordered a black one from Zappos and just received it today. the leather is very pebbled. one of my turnlock pieces in the front is kind of smeared and scratched, the letters are scratchy and not defined. i can't believe i'm so picky as to exchange it over this, but i don't know...
  10. I just bought a Fire red Teri last week and i LOVE it, the leather is gorgeous (exactly like the Shopbop picture above). However, i'm having some problems with COLOR TRANSFER! namely from my dang jeans! what should i do? :[