Do the mono cles and the vernis cles hold the same amount?

  1. I noticed their dimensions are a little different. Will they hold the same? Can you put a credit card in either one? Anyone have a picture of the two of them together? tia!
  2. vernis is smaller b/c it's kinda skinnier, the dimensions are similar, but they are just stitched differently....
  3. I can fit a credit card it both of them, they're very similar but it is a little tighter in the vernis, it would stop me from getting another one though, here they are side by side
  4. The vernis one is stiffer than the mono. I can put more things on the mono one than on the vernis
  5. Thank you Lola!!! Aren't they cute together?! I can't decide which one I want.
  6. The mono was my first one, I actually paid $85 for it brand new from the LV store how sad is that!!! Anyway, I kinda collect them, and to tell you the truth, I barely use my regular mono one anymore, I love the different colors, style, etc. I like my cles to accent my bags, not match them....The epi ones are fun and oooooooooo the perfo, the perfo is a little bigger I just got one take a look...
  7. I love the framboise vernis too, I may get that one next, I just wanted to get the perfo before there are none left b/c it's limited...
  8. I LOVE the framboise vernis!!! Your perfo one is so cute.:tender: