Do the inside of your

  1. Here's pictures of the inside of my Chanel frames. HTH! :flowers:
    HPIM2592.JPG HPIM2593.JPG
  2. I can't go look at mine right now. . . but I think mine may look like inside but both of my lens' also are etched w/ Chanel at the tops of tehm.
  3. Thank you!:flowers:
  4. The top of the side of the frame?
  5. No, the actual lens themsleves.
    The tinted glass/plastic you look through.
  6. Just checked mine. . . they look like that inside too ;)
  7. Like the picture in the link or the picture that suedoc posted?
  8. both.
    I have a similar style to those on eBay. . . they look legit if that's what you're asking{?}
  9. Thanks!

    I didnt know if the Chanel logo was suppose to be on one side or both.
  10. On the ear piece, just one side.
    One arm has #s the other has the logo and Made in Italy.
  11. Yup, my Mother of Pearl ones look like that on the arm as well ;)
  12. Thanks guys....I was confused and you cleared things up!:flowers:
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