Do the fakers fake everything?

  1. What I mean is, are all LV styles faked?
    Even the lesser-known ones?
    Is there a fake version of every real LV bag... somewhere?
  2. hm...i dont think theres a fake for every single LV bag made, but its more toward the popular bags. like when the cerrises came out, there were soo many fake ones. and the same for mc. theres a lot of fake speedy bag cause a lot of people like that.
  3. I would say yes, and some fake bags do not resemble any real LV bags.
  4. yes, they fake everything, sometime they got more creative than LV..
  5. I wonder the same question.
    I have never see, for example, a fake vernis bag sold on the streets. I saw only special edition (like cherries), monogram canvas, MC both black and white, monogram damier... that's what I saw sold on Venice's streets. They also sell fake Gucci and Prada. I also saw a few cambon fake bag by Chanel.
  6. Honestly, one time I went onto one of those AAA fake bag sites...the "really good ones" (PUKE!!) to see what exactly they were knocking off...believe me, I felt like I was a TRAITOR!! LOL

    I found that pretty much everything was faked...however, I did not find a Saleya GM on their site...maybe it is too big??

    But I know that even luggage like Carryalls are faked (a la Laguna Beach Season 3!!!) so I am pretty sure that everything is faked to some extent :sad:
  7. there are a few styles that don't get knocked off i'm sure. i've never seen a knock off french company bag. the vernis line has been knocked off though, i've seen plenty online. also, there are fake versions of bags that lv never made, an mc papillon or a cherry blossom speedy to name a few.
  8. Yes, they even tried to fake the multicolor franges line---the speedy. I have the white one irl and the fake one is simply hilarious!!! It's as if they took some random fringe and sewed it around the top of the zipper----not even close. so, even though they do most lines, they don't do them well.
  9. I've seen some hilarious ones and some good ones, even been duped myself a few times. There are even some places that are willing to "custom" make bags for you. I used to have a picture of a Hermes Birkin Style bag in LV canvas, that was a riot. On the constant look out for my elusive Perle Vernis Speedy, I've seen those in all different colors and they are just plain wrong! LOL
  10. I would hav eto say yes. As I met someone who is a 'designer' of merchandise who in her work travels to Hong Kong to the company factories, and she was telling em taht any bag she wants she can have her factory make for her

    and mind you she works with like girls bedroom and designing all the crap that can be bought for them
  11. Yes there are fakes of all LV items, but some maybe more than others :yes: .
    Monogram line tends to be faked the most, the least faked are epi and suhali IMO.
  12. I have a monogram mini looping which I would say isn't as popular as some other styles. Last time I saw my crazy aunt, she had one too, cept hers was fake. :roflmfao: