Do The Epi Leather's Come With Lock/key?

  1. Can you tell me if the epi leather is supposed to come with lock and key? It didn't appear to on eluxury but I was told by a friend that it does. Thanks.
  2. Epi Speedy does come with lock/keys.
  3. Thanks LV_Addict.
  4. A good rule of thumb is if your LV, any line, has holes or loops in the zipper it comes with a lock.
  5. is the lock silver-coloured when it comes with epi pieces with silver hardware?
  6. i agree with taco. usually bags that has padlock and keys are epi speedy and epi alma.:smile:
  7. Thanks everyone.
  8. Just an FYI; you can buy a new lock and key set from 1-866-Vuitton. It is only $25.
  9. Yes, it is. If it has titanium (silver colored) hardware, lock is same. You will see that on the lilac of the olden days :smile: as well as alot of the newer epi colors.
  10. Does the Epi line come with lock and key? It depends on the bag. For instance, the Petit Noe doesn't.

    I would think the bags that are done in mono as well would, such as the Speedy, Keepall etc.
  11. I have an Epi Jasmin and it did not come with a lock and key.
  12. Same here.