Do the crystals on the 5080 sunglasses fall out easily?

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  1. These are quite expensive, and I was wondering how fragile this pair is. Do the crystals tend to fall out? Thanks!

    Included a pic for reference.

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  2. I have crystals on the sides of my Chanel sunnies (different model to yours) and I must have lost 1/2 dozen over the last year. A few weeks ago I took them into the store I bought them from and they put brand new arms on them. Lol, so the front is a year old but the sides are new! My friend has the same as yours and hasn't lost any.

  3. I have those exact ones, and have never had any problem with the crystals...
  4. I have those exact ones and have never had any problems with them. I've had mine for about 2 months now.
  5. I have the same ones, and I've had them for a long while... all of the crystals are still intact. =)
  6. I have two pairs of the 5080 and the crystals are intact on both pairs. I am careful with my sunglasses though, always putting them in the case when not in use versus on top of my head. I think if you aren't hard on your sunnies you will be fine.
  7. I have those and I have not lost one crystal and I am not that careful with them. I am not rough either but I don't baby them, kwim? They've fallen off the top of my head on cement and they were fine.
  8. I am very careful with my chanel glasses also, but I have to say I have seen them on display at the Chanel counter with the crystals missing. So, you have to be very careful with them.
  9. I have these too, in black! For about 3 month... No problems with losing crystals. Like roey said, just put them in the case when they're in your bag...
  10. I have a different pair of Chanel's and I lost several crystals within the first 6 months that I had them, and I didn't use them every day.
  11. i had those in brown as well.. I lost crystals and took them back