Do the color combos turn you off?

  1. I have loved the legacy slim wallets - however I cannot stand some of the color combinations. For example, why is the whiskey wallet lilac inside? Or citron, juniper or chili with lilac. Yuck! And also, the framed French purse that is bright punch and orange. I'd love it if it was all punch, but punch and orange??? Is it just me?
  2. Everyone is different, I guess. I really like the Legacy wallets with the lilac leather interior. I think some colors compliment it better than others, but I don't think it's horrible. I am not a big fan of the punch/orange one, but I know a lot of people like it. I am pretty sure that a lot of people think that my collection of all black purses is a big turn off, too! :p
  3. I like the color combos!

    I loved the bottle green wallet with the citron color inside, and I personally love the punch and orange!!!
  4. Some of them I am ok with, some, not so much. I really am a more "reserved" purse person, so nice matching, reserved colors are more my style.
  5. Well, I love Lilac and Brown :upsidedown: (Legacy French Zebra 2006 with Lilac interior) and the bronze and gold. I also have a Zebra with a citron interior. I am not fond of the other colors. I have always like the "surprise" colors in the linings of leather bags i.e., Chelsea's and totes, and I give Coach credit for taking some strange chances and not just with colors!:nuts:
  6. Entheos - I am totally with you on the linings on the bags. I can't think of a combination in a bag that I don't like. For me it's just the strange wallet color combinations! Every once in a while I love the combinations, though, like the black Bleecker wallet with the hot pink interior. I love that!
  7. I actually like alot of them, Im a girl who likes color when I get bored with browns and blacks etc.
  8. I'm not fond of pink, but that's because I can't really wear that color myself. I like the lilac. I can't wear it for clothing, but I like the color. I even painted my tool cart at work lavender/lilac so the guys in my shop wouldn't steal it.

    All time favorite colors? Red, yellow, orange. Oh, and I love the color combination of yellow and blue. I don't know why, but it just makes me happy.
  9. There is no color I don't like. My faves are blacks, browns, blues, greens, and purples. The other colors I like but I personally wouldn't buy them.

  10. I really love the combinations in the Legacy Leather wallets. I own the pond and whiskey french purse and love them both. I hope that coach continues to come
    up with surprise colors in their purses and wallets.
  11. I love coloured linings, like the lavender in the black legacy wallets and the hot pink in the brown bleeker wallet :love:.
  12. I really love the "pop" colors in the wallets. I agree, some combos look odd but its just fun to open up and see a pop of color. Just like the Legacy stripe interior on their bags that everyone loves dearly.
  13. Yup I love the unusual color combos too! I'm usually a pretty neutral color dresser and my bags and fairly tame too, so sometimes its nice to have that wild color accessory just to brighten things up!

  14. ITA!!
  15. I love bright and unexpected colors inside wallets and bags, but the pastels inside a lot of the Coach wallets aren't for me. I don't like pastels and they seem washed out and look like they would get dirty easily.

    The punch/orange wallet, though? LOVE IT! The brighter the better! I don't buy brightly colored bags, so I like to have fun on the inside of them!