do the charms scratch up your bags?

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  1. I've been wanting to get a charm for my damier speedy for the longest time, but the bf keeps telling me not to, because he's afraid the charms would scratch up the canvas, & make that one spot all smooth & scruffed up from the abrasion... do any of you have this problem? I want the disco ball so badly, but it does look like it might damage the canvas...?!?
  2. I tried to put a charm on my damier speedy one time and I scratched the brass hardware. So if you get one, be sure you're gentle when you attach it. I have one on my petit noe and I haven't noticed any scuffing or anything.
  3. My groom ronde didn't scratch my Noe and neither did my Fiore leather charms, but I don't use them all the time, just on different occasions.... Charms make it nice and different, personalized.
  4. I've been thinking about that too... I'm super paranoid about it.
  5. nope, never, and every bag has one of some kind--epi, canvas, mono mini, even vernis.
    no problems at all. i would not worry esp with the damier canvas--pretty tough cookie you have there.:P
  6. I dont think that charm has sharp edges, and it would look hot on damier
  7. Well i have the louis vuitton speedy. And i put the key on the out side and it has a brown spot where that key was sitting.:cry:
  8. I put my Juicy engagement ring charm on my Speedy and no problems so far!
  9. Isn't the disco ball made of brass? I'm so scared it'll scratch up the canvas.
  10. It's brass but it'll be ok. I switch off between my Inclusion Speedy, Jack & Lucie, Cerises Round, Groom Cles, Groom porte cles and the Panda porte cles and nothing has happened to my hardware or bag material so far. Just don't leave it on ALL the time and you should be ok.
  11. I have my Palladium Glitter disco ball hanging on my Chanel bowler, I have had absolutely no problems. I have had the Pastilles Swag, Pastilles "grapes" like one, Jack and Lucie, JC Lipstick Charm, etc all hanging on my different bags from Suhali, Vernis, Damier, and Monogram~ and I have had no scratches or rubs to any of my bags. Of course, I baby my bags and don't swing them around, as if a windmill, so that may have a little to do with it. So far~ So good! ;)
  12. oooh... that's good to know!
  13. That is so cute that your bf thinks about your purses and is watching out for them!!! My DH is familar with all of the names of the LV purses and he notices his co-worker's LVs and tell me about them!!! Funny, huh? I have him well trained!! Sorry, I got off the topic.... I don't think the disco ball charm would cause a problem rubbing against the damier canvas, however, the metal clip connected to the metal thingy (sorry, don't know what else to call it!) of your handle might rub against each other and scratch. But, I say "go for it and get the disco ball!!!" Life's short, so enjoy yourself!!!
  14. i have jack & lucie hanging off my damier speedy all the time, and so far there are no scratches or scuff marks on the canvas although there is a very slight scratch on the bag's hardware and on the loop of the keychain (where i put gingerbread man), other than that, the bag is fine......

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  15. I love the Juicy gingerbread man charm, blu!! That's one of my Christmas gifts!