Do the cadenas scratch ur bags???

  1. I am a bit petrified to use cadenas on my bags ,will they scratch it .I am planning on buying a pegasus ,so any advise or suggestion will be welcome
  2. UMA.....I can answer this one because I put a little cadenas on all my bags (except for my Croc and my black Box Vintage Kelly) and none have scratched my bags. I had the pegasus on my Noisette hanging from the handle hardware and the bag remained scratch free! I wouldn't put it on the clochette if you're thinking about hanging the Pegasus on a Kelly as it will swing around too much....but you should have no problem if it's on the handle hardware.

    Actually, I have the heart hanging on the clochette on my Box calf Birkin and no problems with it being there either now that I think about it.....
  3. thanks D
  4. Like Shopmom, I have cadenas, including the pegasus, hanging on the clochette of all my birkins and have never had any problems. I am wondering about the newest 2007 cadenas tho.