Do the boutiques ever have sales?

  1. Silly question, but I couldn't find an answer when I searched.

    Do the boutiques ever have sales?

    Also, are the prices on the same as in store?

  2. The only sale the stores have is when the Preferred Customer Event comes around.. The next one is March, then June, September and I think November...

    And if you are in their system you might recieve the invitation and it's for 25% off a purchase... Do a search for PCE and you'll find lots of info... Actually here's a whole subforum about it:
  3. Thanks for the info!!!
  4. shoes do go on sale also.
  5. Yup. I bought Katelyn sneakers at the Caesar's Forum Shop Boutique in November for like $44. (half price)
  6. I think it depends on the store, because in Dec last year a store in Tampa had bags on sale. They weren't marked on the tags though...the SA was telling me the sale price.
  7. Only shoes go on "sale" at a boutique. You can get a PCE as someone else mentions above, but nothing else in the store goes on sale as in markdowns.
  8. Yes...mine told me the same thing.

  9. Yes thats true:tup:
  10. On Boxing Day in Canada the boutiques had a bunch of bags on sale which were marked down by a red pen on the tag...they looked like old styles though
  11. Our boutiques in Hawaii have a 25% off sale (off everything) once in a while... I'm guessing they do that here because our merchandise is marked up by 20% mainland price anyway!!