Do sunless tanners even work?

  1. I REALLY want to stop tanning, but no, I don't want to sacrifice the bronzed tone to my skin. My skin is TOO pale for me to be comfortable.

    I have tried all the over the counter crap that doesn't work and looks orange and smells like feet. Then I tried St. Tropez and I liked it but I realized no maybe it doesn't work that great... because I'm still going to the tanning booth. It is good to upkeep in between but I want to STOP tanning all together.

    I even tried that Famous Dave's sunless tanner stuff and although it's only been a couple of days, I'm not impressed.

    I am so pale. I've never had luck with sunless tanners. I want to try the Mistic Tan but they told me it's a good idea to tan once a week to upkeep so I don't look splotchy... but I already try to do that and I want to stop all together!!

    I feel like it's hopeless... I really do. And even with celebrities who you'd think are tanning... they pay hundreds every few days for sunless tanning and things like that-- not something I want to spend or can right now anyway.

    I don't get it-- who does it work for? How dark is it making you exactly? I mean yeah I see color but it's only a hint with everything I use... I'm just getting so frustrated because I want to stop tanning so bad but I can't go without having tanned skin-- I don't look good like that at all.

    Is there such a thing as bronzer makeup for the body? Or does anyone use that for like the shoulders or areas that don't hold the sunless tanners in very well?

    Thanks so much for any help... it's 2007 there's GOT to be something I can get in a bottle, I don't even care how much it costs as long as it works and lasts on my skin and in the bottle.
  2. I use self tanners and it gets me a nicer color than at the tanning booths I must say, I like this self tanning wipes from walgreens I'm not sure of the name but damn did that get me to a nice color (I have like light olive skin). You want to put self tanner on for a couple of days straight to get a good dark tan, and if you exfoliate every week or two and reapply you can keep up with it. It can be a hassle but I like the no effort tan that doesn't give skin cancer. The only thing that I don't like is that tan makeup doesn't match sunless tanner skin like normal tanned skin from the booth or outside.
  3. Exfoliating is key to getting good results. I use Fake Bake like twice a week. I like the color it gives me. You can also see where you put it on so its pretty fool proof. Just watch the palms and bottom of your feet. I put vaseline on my soles and on my palms before I put on gloves. I have olive skin so maybe I am getting a better color than someone that is pale. I don't do tanning beds.
  4. I am also really pale, but I find using Chanel's self tanner for the face, in golden, works really well. It doesn't make me orange. Also, I've used their self tanner for the body with mixed results. I didn't exfoliate well enough before using it so I ended up with streaks. I used it again, after exfoliating, and it left my skin a nice golden brown.
  5. have you tried using jergens natural glow? try using it with latex gloves?
  6. btw, i'm glad you're staying away from the sun. that is really really good for your skin. great mentality! thumbs up
  7. How can I exfoliate? I'm not sure what I can use... I got a St. Tropez kit that has an exfoliating wash in it that has beads... but I can't figure out an alternative that I can try in another brand.

    I do really like the Dove but not so much the Jergens.

    I'm feeling a lot like I may have to mix a lot of things up to get what I am looking for but then again it becomes SO sticky and it smells terrible. Even stuff that goes on without a scent has that distinct sunless tanner smell from the ingredient it needs. It's that, the stickyness and the lack of color... aagh.

    I will definitely be continuing to use the exfoliating wash for tanners. I hope I can figure something out where I don't have to put it on every day... it gets so hard to.

    Thanks so much!
  8. Use a bath glove in the shower. They are really cheap.