Do stores only carry this season's colors?

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  1. I am so confused about how the Bbag color system works. I was looking at the color reference library and I saw that every season has certain colors. Does this mean that department stores and Balenciaga stores only carry F/W 2007 colors? Or do they carry various colors? Please clarify!
  2. I believe that stores typically only carry the current season's colors, with perhaps a few remnants from previous seasons (if it never sold or from returns, etc.)..
  3. I think they usually have a few carryovers from the previous seasons, but generally from within a season or two. If you look through posts, you'll see that people have been able to turn up ink or other 06 colors on occasion even now. The challenge will likely be that a lot of the stores don't know the proper names of the colors or the season that they're from, so you may have problems determining whether you're really getting the color that you're trying to find when you talk to them (i.e., when I was calling around for anthracite, I got plomb).
  4. Oh ok. That's what I was afraid of. Since I'm going to NYC next week I was wondering what my chances were of getting certain colors. I wanted to buy my first BBag in person at a store. I am SO in love with French Blue but I doubt they have any left. I'm considering going on the wait list for the Electric Blue that's coming out next year but I really want one now! I've been waiting for the opportunity to buy one for over 6 months!!!
  5. You could definitely call them and see if they have FB, then you can at least adjust to whether you're going on the waitlist for EB or not. I think it's really hard to find at this point, since it was a popular color.
  6. I am looking for an Anthracite day; so I am going thru the same thing as you, CHICBABACOOL!! Can't seem to find them anywhere in the stores....good luck with your quest for French Blue!