Do stores only carry this season's BBags?

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  1. I've read on a few threads now that 04 or 05 year's leathers are the best - do stores carry these older bags or do they only have the most current seasons in?

    Also, is Black an 'every season' colour as I'm after a Black First?

    Also another question - can you get Black First with different coloured hardware?

    Sorry, I'm a BBag novice.
  2. Usually the stores will carry new seasons but sometimes you can find some past seasons for 06. But not much for 04 or 05 seasons. If you are lookin for older seasons, you have to try your luck on eBay which is the only place you tends to see one of such beauty pops up.

    For black color, yes it does appear in every seasons since it's a classic range but i heard sometimes the leather seems different as well.

    Normally it only has two types of hardware which is the regular hardware (brass) or the giant hardware. For pewter hardware, only produced in past seasons.
  3. Lovely thanks.

    I should be able to get a nice Black First with Brass (regular) hardware in November then.