Do store credits expire?


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Dec 16, 2006
The SM at my local boutique warned me that if I chose to take store credit instead of a refund on a defective bag, the credit would be good for a year only. This was back in mid 2007.

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Jun 27, 2007
Thank you for posting this question! I have a store credit, never read the receipt and tossed it in a not-so-secrure place. I just hunted it down and there IS an expiration date on it. It seems that it's for one year from the date issued.

Does anyone know if the receipt is good only at the store from which is was issued?
Jan 18, 2008
I should have just typed down all the conditions on my note! :P So in addition to my previous post,

"Hermes will not be liable for any vouchers lost or stolen. This voucher can only be used at any Hermes Australia Pty Ltd boutique around Australia."


Mar 25, 2006
If it is a corporate store it should be honored in any corporate store. I'm not sure if there is world wide reciprocity. Might only be US stores? I'm not sure.

Not sure about other parts of the world, but definitely not applicable in Asia.

As for expiry date ~ well, I had only one store credit once, and at that time I did ask my store supervisor and she said it has an expiry of one year. That said, store credits are registered in the company computer system, so it technically can be as long as it takes for a customer to use the store credit.

And if it takes more than a year to use the store credit, than maybe that customer is not a regular customer of H at all.

It's better to use the store credit faster anyway, with increasing prices all the time! :s
Feb 18, 2008
For a store credit issued in the US, it's good for only 1 year and can only be used in a US based Hermes. I have had large store credits, and always seem to be able to use them within the alloted time. They usually give you a little card that is like a credit card, so that you can use it elsewhere. Sometimes, I just leave the credit in their system, but prefer to receive the actual credit card. In Canada, you only get a paper receipt as a credit. If you so happen to have a credit, it is best to treat is as cash. If lost, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the credit. System failures, managers leaving, SAs leaving happened to a girlfriend of mine...and was not easy to get the credit back. Her SA was going to charge send her something, she changed her mind, they didn't send it, but had to give her a credit. She never bothered to get the physical credit...months passed, manager left, SA left, no record of her ever RETURNING the item!! You see, she was already charged for the item, so they assumed she took it. It basically turned into a he said/ she said situation, before the new manager would even entertain going through the inventory piecemeal. Very was not a special item, but a handbag that was common, yet still a few thousand dollars. Not a situation that I would want any of my fellow tpfrs to be in, especially at these price points.

Sorry this post was so long, but I would hate for this to happen again to anyone. Get the store credit on paper or on the card!!!