Do stams ever go on sale?

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the stam bags (any size) ever go on sale?
  2. No and they probably won't for quite a few more years.
  3. I think they're included in the F&F sales, whenever the next one comes up...
  4. What is F & F?
  5. ^^Friends and Family
  6. Ah yes, the infamous Bloomies sales. Yes it's included in that and if you don't have a Saks card you can get it 10 percent off. But stams in general for normal sales like semi annual and "Just get this crap out of the store" sales, no it doesn't happen.

    I don't shop at Bloomies so I don't really think about them.
  7. You're smart E... Nordies will price match any store, so it's a better idea to know the Nordies SA so she'll be easier to work with!
  8. Ah yes. My Kara does me wonders. I still love the fact that I know more about the bags than she does. She gets more enlightened each time she sees me. Which means she can say something new to her other customers.
  9. Yes and even Shoptwigs took their Stam off the list before they did the 20% off sale. I think as long as they can always get people to pay full price they will charge it! ;)
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